The client offers a mobile and online accounts payable automation software designed for finance professionals in growing businesses. This cloud-based software streamlines the invoice-to-payment process by automatically extracting data from invoices and routing them for approval. Executives can manage payments from any device, with the software facilitating easy review, authorization, and scheduling.


One of the key challenges with the integration was that data syncing with their legacy system was slow and inaccurate.


To tackle the data syncing challenge, we crafted an effective integration solution using Power Automate. This integration solution synchronises key data entities between D365 Business Central and Mineral Tree platform, ensuring accurate and timely data exchange.


  • Automation eliminated tedious manual tasks, freeing up time for more important, strategic work. 
  • Streamlined workflows increased productivity and efficiency, while faster data processing enabled quicker and more informed decisions.
  • It improved cash flow and enhanced financial stability. And its scalability ensures long-term growth and sustainability
  • Automation supercharged the invoice processing, resulting in faster payments and improved cash flow.
  • Thus quick and reliable payments built trust and improved communication, which led to stronger supplier relationships.
  • This increased efficiency leads to better control and visibility.