Quality Engineering Services

Performance, Security, and Reliability

At Kasadara, quality engineering is not just about addressing today’s challenges, but also about shaping tomorrow through continuous innovation. Quality engineering services from Kasadara are designed to help organizations achieve their goals, while also ensuring that quality is built into every step of the process.

Where your software meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.
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    What we offer?

    • Test Automation – We automate your testing process to ensure that your software is thoroughly tested and delivered with high quality.
    • Performance Testing – We simulate load and test your software under real-world conditions for scalability and reliability.
    • Security Testing  – We identify security vulnerabilities in your software and ensure that it meets industry standards for security and compliance.

    • Functional Testing – Our team is experienced in automated testing techniques to identify defects and ensure that your software is of high quality.

    • Continuous Testing – We implement a continuous testing process to ensure that your software is tested throughout the development lifecycle

    Our Solutions

    Thorough Quality Engineering

    Are you giving your software what it needs to succeed?
    You should be. Your software is the fundamental basis for your business and the driver of success & growth.

    Accelerate your QA transformation

    If you’re looking to improve the quality of your software products, reduce defects, and enhance customer satisfaction, contact us today to learn more about our QE & A services.

    • QA Expertise
      Rich background in automation testing
    • firewall
      Process Oriented
      We meet our strict commitment to quality

    Quality assurance ranks quite high

    Make test automation an integral part of your software development and delivery cycle to increase business value.

    • World Class
      We help you deliver world-class products
    • Experience
      We enable you to get the user experience right

    Why should you choose our quality engineering services?

    At Kasadara, our test automation experts design innovative solutions that help organizations improve their business performance.

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    Planning and development

    We establish code standards, a test case / script review procedure, and deployment procedures, as well as determine and execute different test methodologies and framework components, libraries, and utilities.

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    Running test cases

    Through a series of scenarios categorized by test case type or functional area to be tested, we establish the extent to which automation will be used in the application.


    Reporting and betterment

    Test results are validated, defects are investigated and recorded in a defect tracking system. Metrics including release/testing time, faults identified, customer satisfaction index, and improved productivity are being measured.