Pattern Management System

PMS is a purpose-built solution for engineering firms to develop, track and maintain patterns/dies for engineering components and managing the workflows/processes involved. PMS is built to suit the engineering companies that operate in any scale.

PMS is a well thought out and designed application which would help engineering companies handle all the nitty-gritties involved in the development of patterns from the drawing to inspection stage. It also helps production teams manage the workflows involved along with features to track movement of finished products between foundries, to the warehouse. The variety of reports built in serves as a ready reckoner for information instantly.

Patterns List

Patterns list is where all the completed patterns are recorded for reference purposes. The patterns are classified based on the casting or moulding technique used for developing the patterns and help find information without much of a hustle. The list provides vital information about whether the pattern/die is a parent or a reference or a revision, whether the pattern/die is in transit or movement or available for use in production at a foundry, using visual cues and further allows user to perform creation of a new reference or revision from the patterns list. It also has a search feature with which users can quickly access the information required.

New Developments

All new patterns which are under development and are not ready yet for use in production are recorded and tracked under New Developments, sorted based on the casting or moulding technique to align with the existing patterns.

The development of a pattern involves contributions from multiple parties, the design teams provide technical drawing, foundries provide the layout, pattern maker creates the pattern/die and finally the pattern/die is prepared at a foundry and then moved to the production floor. The quote management feature helps the production team to analyze quotes from a list of chosen pattern/die makers and decide to whom the pattern/die making shall be awarded to. PMS has features to track all these stages and provide update or information on at what stage or place the pattern/die is.


PMS also provides a variety of reports showing at what stage of development patterns/dies are currently in, how many of them are awarded to each pattern/die maker, how many patterns/dies were completed for a date range etc., the filtering capability provided for each report allows further drill down for the retrieving required data. All the reports can be exported for planning and presentation.

Masters and Suppliers

Our PMS has Masters’ module which aids the production team to add frequently used and standard master data that are used in the New Development screens.

The supplier’s module helps add, update and delete suppliers who the production team constantly work with.

Document Storage

The development process uses or generates documents like drawing, layout, quote, inspection report and movement tracking slips, which can be saved and retrieved on demand.

All of these make PMS a one stop solution for managing the stages involved in designing and manufacturing of engineering components and store all the documents that are used at various stages of design and development of pattern/die.

A PMS typically includes a repository or database of patterns, which can be searched, categorized, and retrieved. It may also provide tools for creating new patterns, as well as mechanisms for sharing and collaborating on patterns within a development team or community.

Some key features of a pattern management system might include:

  • A user-friendly interface for browsing and searching patterns
  • Tools for creating, editing, and documenting patterns
  • Integration with other development tools, such as IDEs or version control systems
  • Collaboration and sharing features, such as commenting and rating systems
  • Versioning and history tracking for patterns
  • Analytics and reporting on pattern usage and effectiveness