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Healthcare has been witnessing breakthrough advancements in the treatment of illnesses and provision of medical facilities. Kasadara develops solutions that manage a patient’s journey in a seamless and smart manner using Microsoft tools and its platform, which are critical to healthcare.

Kasadara’s solutions provide apt recommendations for therapies, avoiding risks, increased availability and optimizes the process of delivering healthcare services for the 21st century citizens globally. Our Microsoft Dynamics integrated healthcare management solutions deliver both ease of access and availability of patient-related information across all channels of communication between healthcare providers.

US Government Welfare Project

US Government Welfare Project

Kasadara worked closely with an Idaho based, U.S. State Government Child welfare project. The project’s objective was to make the operational functionalities and provisions under child welfare effective and efficient. The solution employs a simple, productive and systematic approach that eliminated repetitive tasks within Community Services to help the affected children and their families.

The system is integrated with a National Enterprise which facilitates all administrative functions of the Interstate Children Group. The system also has provisions to provide status updates, requests, relay and exchange of information to other states which is facilitated via the National Enterprise.

Wellness and Cosmetic Care Provider

Kasadara provided a smart appointment cum patient filtering system for a wellness and cosmetic care provider. The appointments and consultation requests were to be filtered based on the calls received by call center executives from patients.

The system is configured to segregate new and revisit patients, analyze need for consultation or medical/cosmetic procedure and generate quotes based on the parameters set from Business Central ERP and then creates invoices for the service availed. There are several states that use this system and have benefited multifold from the value it creates by saving the call centre executives’ time in segregating patients, scheduling appointments, providing quotes or creating invoices.

US Government Welfare Project

Our Healthcare Expertise

Kasadara aids various healthcare companies’ digitalized solutions that are delivering an experiential service that is convenient and personal. A service that sets apart the benchmark for delivering care, patient personalization, mobile access and social collaboration.

Through our technological experience and expertise, we have partnered in providing effective healthcare solutions that offer security, privacy and compliance along with being time and cost efficient. We have developed solutions for various healthcare providers who specialize in ophthalmology, wellness and cosmetic care providers and each of them being unique in their areas of care and service.