The company is a manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors, and its products are trusted by businesses in a variety of industries. The compressors are designed with advanced features and technologies that deliver cost-effective, reliable, and long-lasting compressed air solutions. The company’s products are suitable for a range of industrial applications.


The customer had a challenge of tracking the attendance of employees, as they worked in multiple locations and in various roles, including on-field engineers and sales representatives. The customer’s existing HR system was complex and clumsy, and employees had to go through a lengthy process to record and approve their attendance. Our client wanted a better solution that was easier to use and more efficient. We were happy to help them find a solution that met their needs.


The customer’s needs were addressed by building a comprehensive solution using the Power Platform. The solution enabled employees to mark their attendance via a web or mobile app, no matter where they were located. The solution streamlined the attendance management process, and integrated with the customer’s existing SAP system to ensure that payroll data was updated accurately and efficiently.

Power Automate was used to automate the approval process and send notifications to relevant stakeholders.


The solution increased operational efficiency by streamlining the attendance management process. It reduced the time required to approve and process attendance data. This resulted in significant cost savings for the customer.

The solution improved end user satisfaction, as it could be accessed on a variety of devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and computers. This gave employees flexibility and convenience, and allowed them to use the solution in a way that suited their individual needs.

The solution seamlessly integrated with the customer’s existing SAP system. This ensured a smooth and efficient flow of data, and eliminated the need for manual data entry and transfer.

The solution enhanced security by implementing role-based access controls. This ensured that only authorised users had access to the system, and sensitive data was protected. This gave the customer peace of mind and confidence in the solution.

The solution provided real-time visibility of attendance data in the HRMS system, even though the data was entered in other systems. This allowed the customer to have an accurate and up-to-date view of attendance data, which was crucial for their business operations.

The solution simplified the system access process and streamlined the attendance approval process. This saved time for both employees and managers, and reduced the chance of errors or delays in the approval process. Overall, the solution made the process more efficient and effective.