The company is a leading carpet manufacturer with expertise in flooring design, development, sourcing, and logistics. This company owes much of its success to its field service management software. The software allows for streamlined customer request tracking, effective personnel management, and transparent operations. 

Key features include work order management for efficient handling of customer requests, inventory management to optimise stock levels and track stock movements, and dispatch to ensure efficient deployment of personnel to onsite jobs.


To achieve operational efficiency through an automation solution, a smooth implementation is key. This requires careful configuration of the Product master, accurate pricing calculations, and appropriate application of discounts. The work order process must also be optimised, with accurate pricing and the ability for technicians to update work-order status post-measurement. The main challenge lies in achieving a cohesive implementation that enhances operational efficiency.


Power Apps is used to construct all sales and field service flow pages, with customizations made to the WO Product module to add features such as Estimate Qty, Estimate price, and Move Furniture. The WO system calculates the total estimated amount based on the number of products added to the work order and the sq. ft. entered for each line, providing a comprehensive and accurate estimate for the customer.


Route Optimization

Route optimization algorithms were used to provide field agents with the fastest and safest routes to reach their destinations on time. This feature avoided congested roads, accidents, and events, saving time and fuel while also providing real-time tracking and estimated time of arrival. The solution incorporated advanced optimization techniques such as the travelling salesman problem and dynamic programming to create efficient and flexible routes that minimise travel time and distance.

Digital Invoicing

The solution enables field executives and technicians to collect and manage digital documentation such as photos, documents, and videos through a mobile application. This paperless approach streamlines the payment process by facilitating digital payments and issuing digital receipts, reducing the risk of loss or damage to important documentation. The app-based solution enables real-time tracking of invoices and payments, providing greater visibility and accountability, while also eliminating the need for manual data entry and paper-based processes.

Intelligent allocation of jobs

The solution utilises AI to intelligently allocate jobs to the most suitable executive or technician. It considers various factors such as skill set, availability, job priority, and proximity to efficiently match the job with the right person. Manual job allocation or legacy systems can lead to high idle time for agents or missed opportunities, while incorrect job allocation can result in lower first-time fix rates. With auto allocation, these issues are mitigated, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Better inventory management

The solution seamlessly integrates with third-party vendors, enabling seamless data exchange, improved collaboration, and real-time visibility into inventory levels. Better inventory management means reduced stock-outs, increased profitability, and improved customer satisfaction.